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When To Choose A Rebounder With A Handle

While they all allow you to perform bouncing workouts and even explore other types of exercises, rebounders can vary a lot in design. When you shop for this piece of home workout gear, you'll see models in different sizes and shapes, and with different features. Some rebounders have a removable handle, which extends upward from the side of the frame and often looks like the handlebars on a scooter. You have the option of holding the handle while you use the rebounder, which can be handy for a lot of people. Here are some times to choose a rebounder with a handle.


A lot of people who are elderly may appreciate owning a rebounder. This device allows you to work out at home, and a gentle bouncing workout may be something you look forward to. If you're elderly and are shopping for this piece of gear, you'll want to strongly consider a model that is equipped with a handle. Holding it while you bounce will offer a lot more stability, which is ideal if you sometimes feel off-balance. For example, if you've recently added handles in the bathroom and elsewhere in your home for stability, a handle on your rebounder will be useful.

Injury Rehab

If you're recovering from an injury and your doctor or physical therapist suggests that a rebounder workout might be a good fit for your rehabilitation process, it can be exciting to shop for this piece of gear with the knowledge that it will help you. It's a good idea to choose a model that has a handle, particularly if the injury you suffered was to your lower body. If you experience pain while bouncing or lose balance because of the injury, the handle will allow you to safely maintain your stability.

Certain Exercises

A handle can be useful for bouncing exercises, but if you're eager to use your new rebounder for a variety of other fitness activities, a handle might be an asset. For example, if you want to provide a challenge for your lower-body muscles, squats on the rebounder can be an exercise to try. While you can perform squats on solid ground with your hands free, you may find that gently holding the handle of your rebounder provides you with more confidence. This is because the jumping surface of the rebounder moves as you perform the squat, so the handle offers you balance.

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